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Our 24/7 Hinglish channel (RADIO 360), streaming LIVE via our website, reaching out to 107,000 + (Jan 2017 Stats )  listener's daily worldwide.  Having a variety of nationality radio jockey's who add and enhance the essence of programmes on air. The 24/7 digital broadcast reaches listeners from local Sydney  as far as Peru. Giving the listener's new music , news and information and  provides a feel of the upcoming new revolution in Hindi Radio in  the Australasia region. International event coverage , live sports updates and versatile event coverage on simulcast platforms , provides cutting edge of the media to its listeners / viewers worldwide. 

We are adding a global brand to Radio 360 - The Radio 360 Digital will be our DAB Broadcast branding which kicks off in the DAB Channels in New Zealand, Singapore, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Berlin and Amsterdam. More details on our digital expansions soon.  

Radio 360  >>>>> Read More <<<<<< for radio schedules and listen live links. 

Coming soon : 


Ethnic Media 360 will venture into Digital Terrestrial TV and Video media, providing platforms for media to use our services ,in addition to Radio and print media content. Video interviews and video streaming platforms will be added to the website - Having tested  and worked on Digital platform in Australia (NSW /ACT ) , we are now looking to start our services in NSW /ACT region first before expanding to Queensland and Victorian states in the near future. 

Work has commenced on digital Free to Air TV,  360TV is looking to start it's broadcast on Digital Freeview channel in New Zealand  (Soft Launch date to be announced soon ), which would also be available via our website in the near future, progressively moving onto Digital network. The High Definition broadcast platform which will focus on simulcast of International and Regional content coverage on the 3 readily available platforms – RADIO / WEBSITE / TV. Our New Zealand platform would focus on Sports (Local ,  regional and International - Soccer , Rugby , Cricket , Basketball and Hockey leagues from US /CANADA.  We would also look at EPL , La Liga , Bundasliga , Asian Football , Oceania Football and daily news. The channel will also broadcast UTV , Colors , Viacom content directly from India via satellite feed . Our broadcast partners in Singapore and Malaysia will also supplement the daily run of programmes with their premium content.  Hindi / English news and locally produced magazine shows will also feature on our channel.  

Our aim is to be able to arm Oceania region media with the ability to cover world stage events on their platforms at minimum costs so that they are able to sustain the financial constraints that affect most of the ethnic media in the region. The opportunity costs accrued in facilitating the content normally drains the financial viability of any media. We come into the picture here ,as we than act as a provider to help maintain viable costs. 

Details will  be announced soon on our FREE TO AIR 24/7 DIGITAL SPORTS  TV. 


In addition to our own media platforms we provide LIVE reports and updates, photographs for web to digital print, customised ethnic language (Hindi) translation, remote website updates, setup and start off stand alone internet radio stations, TV Station start-up, content acquisition and content programming. 

Our Products & Services include; Media & Communication Strategies , Marketing & Branding in ethnic media , specialised Media Content delivery, Event Coverage , promotion and marketing , Content customisation and also various Consulting including and not limited to:

- Media & Communications
- Sales & Marketing
- Event Management & Media Rights Distribution
- Social Media Setup and link
- Branding & Product promotion
- Online Radio & TV setup and Content Management
- Media Setup and start up business plans 
- Media Research and Reporting 
- Media Campaigns (ATL / BTL strategies)


Ethnic Media 360 Pty Ltd  with its prowess in covering international events , evolves a brand new concept in the ethnic media content delivery; it’s a new era in media content management and delivery in the Oceania region

With International events taking centre stage and ethnic media around the globe trying to find a footing in the competitive commercial market , we provide cost effective solutions to media outfits. 

Our target is also getting world stage content in the South Pacific where media plays an integral part of life of the inhabitants. The demographics and their loyalty is another key aspect any corporate should look at while trying to penetrate markets or do business launch.

We provide content for Radio, TV, websites / online radio and Print as well. Our setup would be looking at developing a full HD content delivery and management system in the coming years.
We deliver the content to your media outlet at a negotiated rate which enables you to get customised content and at subsidised costs. We have various packages to choose from.

Contact our media team if you wish to purchase content from our calendar of events.

We are open to suggestions and can customise content, please feel free to discuss.


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