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Ethnic MEDIA 360

ethnicmedia360 is getting world stage content in the South Pacific where media is a part of life of the inhabitants. Their demographics and their loyalty is a key aspect any corporate / business should avidly consider while trying to penetrate ethnic markets or do business launch. Whether it be soccer, rugby, cricket, basketball, Olympics, World Cups or Hollywood and Bollywood events we cover most of it live and would be looking at doing more international events in the coming years.

ethnicmedia360  runs its own media platforms with RADIO 360 streaming worldwide , with 360 TV – soft launch in November 2014, we also provide content for Radio, TV, websites / online radio and Print as well. Our setup would be looking at developing a full HD content delivery and management system soon. 

ethnicmedia360 delivers International events and local content via our own media platforms . We do content management packages to media houses  and outlet at a negotiated rates which enables customised content and at subsidised costs.We offer media a chance to enhance its content, and ascertain its place in the market as a premium media thus increasing revenue and most importantly its loyalty base.