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Mangere United Dream Run Comes To a Halt!

3 quick goals in 20 minutes of the first half unsettled Mangere United, and from there on despite the fight back, they were always on the back foot. The elite Eastern Suburb side bolstered with footballers from English academies were always the favourites on their home turf. The final nail in the Mangere dreams was nailed when despite 3 attempts to clear off in the yard box. The ball was forced into the net by the Eastern Suburb striker.

The two teams played a very fast paced and attacking football, unfortunately the end result was very deceptive of the play displayed. The opportunity to be one of finalist in the Premier New Zealand football tournament. It was a dream start to Eastern Suburbs team as a pass into the box floated in, caught the winds and dropped right into the Mangere United goal in the 8th minute. The quick goal unsettled the underdogs for the match and Mangere United were caught napping.

The 2nd goal was another error made by Mangere United defence under pressure and suddenly the home team were with the upper hand, a 2 goal cushion boosting their morale. The Mangere United side had its moments and during the match proved why they are one of the top 4 clubs in New Zealand. The 3 nil lead at half time and Eastern Suburbs team were right on the money. After a quick team talk and strive to score at least 1 goal Mangere United came out firing.

The referee Nick Waldron could have handled the match better but his control of the match has left some supporters thinking that it was a contributing factor, as body checks, shoves, pushes and some atrocious tackles went unpunished. Despite that Mangere United players played calm and continued to pressure the home team. The condition of the pitch was not up to scratch for a match of such caliber, which would be something that would be taken into consideration. The match could have seen a better pitch in terms of the novelty of the Chatham Cup and associated history.

The match finishing with a 4 nil score line still had Mangere United management and fans feeling very proud of the club feat and now look at it like a bench mark for coming seasons. For Eastern Suburbs it’s a chance to make it a double, winning league and Chatham Cup. Now they await their final opponent for the Chatham Cup.

ASB Chatham Cup 2015 – Semi-Finals Eastern Suburbs AFC 4-0 Mangere United (half: 3-0)
EAS: Rudi Mozr 7’, Michael Bryant 22’, 60’, Brandon Barnes 28’
MAN: – 0